Impact Alpha: Advising and Investing for Social Impact...

For over twenty years, Brian has been working with nonprofits, government agencies, and for-profit firms to develop their strategies for maximum social impact. Brian believes that in maximizing social impact, organizations can also maximize financial returns.He has worked with clients to apply these strategies to investments in global public health, global technology and telecommunications, and manufacturing sectors.   

More recently, Brian has turned his focus on leading a team of academic researchers to focus on utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), financial valuation, and portfolio optimization techniques to evaluate the healthcare sector, identifying undervalued firms relative to their potential social impact on the global healthcare system. He calls this approach “Impact Alpha.” 

Investment Alpha:

  • The Healthcare Sector will continue to grow as a percent of the global economy and outperform:
    • The COVID-19 pandemic require long-term global investment in rebuilding the global Healthcare system.
    • Global aging population increases ongoing healthcare demand
    • Global Obesity trends are increasing the rates diabetes and cardiovascular disease
    • Personal Income increases per capita healthcare spending.
    • Continued healthcare Innovation increases life expectancy and long-term healthcare demand.
  • Outperform: It is anticipated that healthcare will continue to outperform the market.

Impact Alpha:

  • Social Impact Investing includes structuring a portfolio to have the greatest impact on society in areas most meaningful to the investor.
  • The healthcare sector overlaps with impact investing, by its very nature.
  • Impact Alpha is estimated by analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data to determine:
    • Specific area of social impact
    • Relative magnitude of social impact
  • Tools can be made available to investors to ensure that their portfolio is optimized to:
    • Maximize their investment returns
    • Aligns with their social impact goals and beliefs