About Brian

Brian Murrow has been on the leading edge of advanced and cognitive analytics for over 25 years. Brian specializes in evaluating, developing, and implementing advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for digital marketing, counter-fraud advisory and solutions, risk, compliance, and financial reporting across multiple sectors and industries, including financial services, government regulators, and nonprofits. As a leader in the financial services sector, Brian brings his experience with big data tools, advanced analytics, and AI computing techniques, to monitor the financial and banking markets for irregular and/or illicit activities, program effectiveness, capital adequacy, and holistic counter-party and third-party risk. 

Brian uses his unique cross-industry experience and insights to develop and deliver analytics solutions that meet both strategic business and regulatory compliance objectives, all geared towards bottom-line growth. Recent examples of integrating and operationalizing AI into otherwise advanced solutions include: 

  • Credit and debit card fraudulent transaction monitoring
  • Identity verification and management 
  • Insider Trading Surveillance programs
  • Propensity modeling for digital engagement and marketing
  • BSA transaction monitoring datamarts and systems utilizing entity disambiguation
  • Governance, Risk management, and Compliance (GRC) and issue management systems
  • Business process automation (BPA) 

Brian has Co-founded, advises, and invests in early-stage through mid-size businesses, developing strategy and integrating operational IT, advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning into core service offerings. This includes advising an early-stage VC portfolio and managing $150M private investment portfolio as Chief Investment Officer and Managing Principal. 

To support deep cross-industry ideation, Brian speaks regularly at industry conferences, publishes, is quoted in the media, and appears on business-oriented television programming, and hosted a podcast series, "Conversations on Big Data." In this industry-leading podcast, Brian interviewed data and analytics executives to explore best practices and lessons learned as they relate to the successful application of big data analytics. He regularly shares these successful case studies in his blog, "Strategic Analytics."
In support of future business and analytics leaders and the furtherance of analytics research, Brian is an Adjunct Professor and Faculty Member at The George Washington University where he works with graduate students in the Business School's Masters in Business Analytics program teaching the capstone Business Analytics Practicum course. 
Brian earned his BA in Economics from the University of Maryland at College Park and his MBA in Business Economics from The George Washington University. He frequently speaks and writes on topics related to technology, strategy, and management. 
If you are interested in discussing or collaborating on ideas as how strategic analytics lead to better results in business or government feel free to contact Brian.

Philanthropy and Volunteering…

  • Grants Awards: Named after Brian’s grandmother, the Gladys Marinelli Coccia Grant Award, recognizes exceptional young people, ages 13 to 22, who are actively engaged in social entrepreneurship and in leading sustainable social change.
  • The George Washington University: Brian supports his alma mater through volunteering in the Business School’s Undergraduate Mentoring & Immersion Program for Consulting (UG MIPC).
  • ePhilanthropy: Early pioneer in the development and sponsorship of online philanthropy portals including eBay's charity auction, America’s Promise community portals (Promise Stations), Youth Service America's Servenet, and National Organization on Disability.
  • Board of Directors and Advisors: Served on and supported boards, including Youth Service America and America’s Promise.